The 37th DVA strives to support veterans both during and after their military service.  One way that we can do this is through supporting resolutions such as the one below.  The goal of this resolution was to give “VETERAN STATUS” to all members of the reserve components who have honorably served our country for a minimum of 20 years. This resolution has been forwarded to members of the U.S. Congress representing the State of Ohio.

37th DVA Veteran Status Resolution: veteran-status-resolution

We are pleased to report that “VETERANS STATUS” was granted through a congressional bill. For more information, please refer to an article written by SFC Jon Soucy with the National Guard Bureau published on 12/28/2016

We encourage our members and veterans to share information about their benefits and thoughts concerning veterans issues with us and their legislative officials.  Please see the links below for your representative’s information:

U.S Representatives:

U.S. Senators: