In addition to answering many inquiries from descendants of the veterans that served in the 37th Infantry Division we:

• Assist members and non-members in obtaining DD-214 separation forms as well as in obtaining certificates of service on record at the Veterans Affairs Office of Ohio. We also provide referrals to VA offices in other states.

• Assist veterans and/or their descendants in obtaining individual administrative and medical records from the records center in St. Louis, Missouri. Given that in many cases the center cannot provide these records as a result of a fire, the association attempts to reconstruct the records by other means.

• Assist veterans in securing medals earned, but not awarded, such as the Bronze Star Conversion Award for those who earned the CIB or CMB in WWII while serving in infantry units. In many of these cases the recipients had been unaware that they had earned the award, but were informed by the 37th DVA that they had.

• Assist widows and/or families of deceased veterans in obtaining burial details, in obtaining the respective grave marker and when requested, displaying the 37th DVA colors at the wake of the deceased.

• Publish a newsletter three times a year, the 37th Division Veterans News, containing the latest changes and/or new actions that may be of interest to members including stories on individual members, heritage units returning from active duty and letters from members and nonmembers searching for information on people with whom they served or with whom their families served. Newsletters also include a section called TAPS, which lists veterans that have passed away since the last edition.

• Manage a portfolio of investments from which we award scholarship grants annually. Since 2000, 194 grants have been awarded totaling more than $87,650.00 Members and their direct descendants are eligible to apply for this program.  Please see the Grant tab for more information on this program.